EDM wire and accessories

The EDM wire must provide the highest possible cutting speed, but at the same time ensure top workpiece quality, reliability in operation and, most importantly, the optimal price-performance ratio.

To provide you all this, we offer you Bedra EDM wires.

Bedra is one of the pioneers in this field, with its own research and development of new products, focused on the needs of wire end-users, but also machine manufacturers.

We offer the latest generation of Bedra EDM wire, without paraffin:

  • “classic” brass wire
  • wires coated with Zn, Cu and coatings patented by Bedra, adapted to specific cutting requirements and personalized for each type of machine


Our sales program also includes the product line ZeCut (brass) and ZeCut HS (Zn coated) wire, manufactured in the EU.

Furthermore, there are accessories:

  • Deionization resin
  • Filters for EDM machines
  • Copper and brass tubes with one or more channels
  • Graphite and copper threading electrodesGraphite and copper threading electrodes